Kit-Factory supply a wide range of High-Quality Custom Dance Clothing for individuals and groups.

These Include – Crop Tops, Long Sleeve Crop Tops, Sleeveless Zip Top, Vests, T-Shirts, Jackets, Skorts, Hot Pants, Leggings and Teamwear such as Hoodies and Tracksuits to compliment your Dance wear!

How to Order

Click the “Contact us” button below to send our team a message.

If there is type of garment you would like that is not on our list then click “Talk to a Designer” or button.

Or click “Download Design Templates” button to design your own.

Kit-Factory custom Dance wear takes no more than 6 weeks to be made guaranteed and can be customised in to your exact specification. Design your Dance Crop Top with unlimited colours and options. Each top can be customised individually to add your own touch. Add your groups colours and name and create your perfect Dance Wear.

Our Kit-Factory Custom Dance Leggings are made to the highest standard and are available in unlimited designs. Available in both 3/4 length and Full Length you can create your perfect leggings for your Dance Group. Leggings are guaranteed delivery in 6 weeks or less.

Kit-Factory Dance Tracksuits really set you apart from the other teams. Wear them for training, during the game or after to relax. Available in 1/4 zip or full zip, you can customise your Dance Tracksuit to your requirements and match the bottoms for the full suit.. Talk with one of our designs to start the design process and choose from a variety of fabrics, fits and finishings. Contact our sales team now.

Our Kit-Factory Dance Hoodies are made to the highest standard and are available in several weights and designs. They are perfect for that bit of extra warmth or wearing out and about. Contact our design team to start the process of designing your own custom hoodie. The team will guide you through the process from choosing the correct fabric, helping with design and adding any logos or team badges you need to your Kit-Factory Hoodie. Hoodies are guaranteed delivery in 6 weeks or less. Talk to a Designer now and get creating!

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